Drie Eiken Door

The Drie Eiken Deur is the long-awaited and sorely missed entryway to the Drie Eiken Campus In Antwerp, Belgium. Before its installation, the entire campus seemed to face towards the back, with everything appearing to be a backyard or back alley.
The front was nowhere to be found.
Entering a place without a clear and inviting entrance can create an unwelcoming and confusing feeling. How do you enter a house without a door? While the new door works as an entry point to
the Drie Eiken campus, it simultaneously represents a transition from one place to another, or from one state of being to another.

Here is a self-made Icelandic slang: Bakvið hvaða hurð.
Behind what door.

IPA: /ba:k.við ‘khva:ða ‘hyrð 
English approximation: bahk-vith kva-tha hyrð

Usage note:
Used metaphorically to reject someone’s claim in disbelief or scepticism. i.e. calling people out. Similar to the English phrase “Yeah, right...”